GBC® solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide-ranging variety of clients in various industries. We deliver viable, scalable and pragmatic business information technology solutions in a matrix environment. We offer pre-packaged and custom technology solutions that deal with digital systems planning, enterprise architecture and system integration.

As your enterprise grows and changes, your existing IT infrastructure can become fragmented and difficult to manage. We can help you optimize operations and investments, enabling you to integrate various platforms and systems.

We design workload-optimized architectures that integrate the right combination of hardware and software to address specific business needs. We use web enabled systems integration and emerging technologies to deliver robust, process enriched solutions for our clients.

GBC® can help you understand the linkage between business processes and the technologies that enable them. Our experienced staff can help you cost effectively meet changing requirements, from business and operations to technology and organizational change. For most organizations, the network infrastructure has become a mission-critical component of every day operations. Technological advancements require a responsive network infrastructure that is designed to control costs and reduce risks. GBC® can help you plan, deploy, run, manage and optimize your enterprise.


GBC 101IT Asset Management
An organization’s network is a mission-critical component of operations. GBC® can help you plan, deploy, run, manage and optimize your infrastructure. We implement viable incident management systems. We also provide comprehensive asset information including hardware specifications, software installed and asset ownership. Our service improves procurement while delivering an in-depth analysis of license types and compliance status. 

GBC 103IT Consulting
GBC® designs workload-optimized architectures. We integrate the right combination of hardware and software to address specific business needs. Our solutions accelerate development and adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Services (Public, Private, Hybrid), Cognitive Systems and Mobile Computing among others.

GBC 105System Integration
We incorporate multi-channel service delivery as an integral component of our offerings. Our associates and consultants perform compatibility & inter-operability analyses to ensure seamless integration across operating systems and platforms. Our methodology helps clients design strategic and tactical enterprises. We can help you become more agile and manage resources more effectively. Our solutions build speed and agility into disparate systems and processes while simultaneously reducing cost of ownership. 

GBC 104Networking
We design comprehensive solutions which address current and future business concerns in a complex digital ecosystem. GBC® delivers viable, scalable and pragmatic business information technology solutions in a matrix environment. Our strategies improve disaster recovery, security, unified communications, network reliability & agility.

As more organizations move applications from data centers to the cloud, their topologies become more complex. This shift is creating a need for cloud-based network intelligence. GBC can help you visualize, monitor and troubleshoot network performance issues. Our solutions empower you to be more flexible and scalable. We help you minimize downtime and system failures while maximizing cost efficiencies across the enterprise.


We work with clients to assess their current and future information technology requirements. Our associates & consultants provide comprehensive transformation advisory service. Our team of experienced professionals strives to identify feasible investment options through Cost/ Benefit analyses. We evaluate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to ensure maximum yield and impact. We focus on streamlining and improving operational efficiency.

Through our best-practice program management model, we recommend and execute project portfolios which result in significant improvement in business performance. As an integral part of our offerings, we collaborate with management & stakeholders to develop and implement cost effective and sustainable solutions which yield coherent, versatile and robust enterprises. Our solutions help clients identify and unlock new revenue streams, increase productivity, improve customer experience and reduce costs.


Our information facilitation approach helps our customers design strategic and tactical enterprise architecture which build speed and agility into their business systems and processes. This enables clients to optimize their business intelligence portfolio and make critical decisions.

We offer a variety of best practice servicesWe design and deploy flexible, responsive, viable, robust and scalable topologies. Our consultants diligently explore innovative and exciting ways to enhance business operations. Our solutions integrate convergent technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting devices, organizations and people in vibrant new ecosystems. Our Goal: Maximum Productivity in your enterprise.

Please contact our team of experts to discuss various ways to improve IT alignment with business development in your organization. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our expertise in academic and administrative computing as well as Instructional Technology (IT) and operational management can be utilized to grow and enhance your organization’s technical capabilities.