images10How does GBC® conduct business in  various countries?

  • We have satellite offices in several of the countries where we do business. Our local teams perform with the same level of professionalism stipulated in our global business model. Each country’s management team is well versed with the local economy and in-country legal statutes. We implement business solutions that are in alignment with the country’s growth projections and our customers’ niche markets. GBC® provides business management services to our clients which allows them to configure and deploy integrated technology solutions that are pragmatic and profitable.

images10Does GBC®  have local offices in all of the countries that you do business? 

  • Our business model allows us to successfully utilize the services of Business Partners and Correspondent Firms in countries where GBC® does not currently have a satellite practice. Our Business Partners are committed to our policy of global integration. We aim is to someday have a local management team with cultural ties in each country that we conduct business.

images10How do you execute contracts negotiated in one country which affect other global locations?

  • We work very closely with the customer to determine the nature and scope of the solution. Each engagement which requires implementation in multiple international locations is viewed as an international agreement driven by the terms and conditions negotiated with the contracting company’s branch office. All other in-country agreements are structured with the core business case with due considerations for local laws. Our Contract Administrators review each contract to ensure adherence with local/international laws as well as global business ethics.

images10Does GBC® offer turnkey solutions? 

  • Yes. However, in situations where the customer has determined that they require a custom solution to address their business needs, GBC® consultants are proactive in recommending best-fit solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We partner with our clients from solution development, through implementation to solid-state monitoring.

images10What makes GBC®  unique in the Global Market Space? 

  • The underlying theme of our services is to create a market economy that integrates business solutions and technology with cultural diversity.

images10What is the GBC®  Global Vision?  

  • We believe the world can be a better place through mutual understanding and appreciation of diversity. Business is one of the oldest forms of human interchange and technology is a tool that makes that exchange more readily available today. The GBC® vision is to integrate our world and our cultures through technology.

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